Cell Phone Photos For Surveyors

Smart Phone

Here is a sample smart phone. This is an Apple iPhone 4.

In today’s world, everyone has a cell phone. Most new cell phones(smart phones) are mini computers with a great built in camera. Taking pictures of the work you perform is a great addition to your field notes. It is so simple to just snap photos of anything that may be of interest. I usually take pictures of everything I can and ask my crews to do the same. Later on in the office it is great because I can look at the pictures of what was actually on the ground. These pictures should be extracted off the phone and saved in a spot where it can be found later. There are applications like “DropBox” that make this even easier. Hard copies can also be made and placed in the file.

Often when a client comes to pick up their plans, showing all of our hard work, the client sees the pictures that were taken at the time of the survey. These pictures are often of more interest to the client than the plans. They also come in handy to us when drafting the survey plans. If something is unclear in the field notes, a lot of the time you can figure out what is going on from the pictures.

There are also other great applications you can get that do panoramic photos. This way you can get a full 360 degree image. Images are also tagged with location information using the built in GNSS on the phone.


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