New Robotic Total Station

I just received my new Topcon PS robotic total station.  I have tried it out inside the office today and it seems to work nicely.  This robot uses the Tesla data collector with the new Topcon software. “Magnet”.  The Tesla data collector seems to be very responsive compared to the Topcon FC 2500 and FC 200 using TopSurv.  It looks as though Topcon just changed the name on TopSurv and called it Magnet as it has the exact same menus and layouts as the old TopSurv.  The Tesla will hook to the RC5 with blue tooth and the RC5 talks to the Topcon PS via radio.  The range is said to be around 400 to 600 metres.  With Tesla’s built in GPS receiver so can use it like a hand held and actually take shots within Magnet.  This is nice if you just need to get a rough coordinate on something and you don’t have your RTK GPS with you.  I did notice that there is bad lag using the internal GPS.  Watching my position on the map I see that it is about 2 minutes behind where I am.  I actually figured the map might just be slow and the coordinates would be right, so I tested it.  I took a 1 second shot and it stored where it showed me on the map.  I was probably 40 or 50 metres away and then I could watch the pointer on the map gradually come to me and it followed the same route I walked.  Hopefully I will figure out how to fix this issue.

The robotic total station came with Magnet software installed in the unit, but apparently it is not activated.  They wanted another 1500 or so to activate the software so I could use it as a stand alone unit.  As it is, it will allow me to use Magnet in the demo mode and is limited to 100 points.  Thanks a lot Topcon Smilie: :(.  The Magnet software is not exactly the same as TopSurv in that TopSurv you can update as much as you want.  They make changes and you simply get the new package and install it.  Now with Magnet the license is only good for a year and then you can’t get any more updates, unless you pay.  I bet all of you who that are using TopSurv figure you just wont switch, well that isn’t going to be an option if you want updates, because TopSurv is being discontinued.

There is a nice feature on the Topcon PS making it so if someone steals the unit you can deactivate it.  This would make the unit almost worthless.


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